Giving back to our patriots that have secured our freedom

Because A FAMILY'S LOVE can be the best medicine

We ensure the families of our heroes are close when their loved ones are treated at William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center.

We will treat them like family!

Having family nearby greatly benefits patients battling illness or injury

There are over 90,000 Veterans and active military in the Dorn VA service area in South Carolina. Due to high hotel room prices in Columbia, sometimes overnight stay options are extremely limited for family members.

A Fisher House is needed.

The Fisher House will be located on the secure campus of William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center.

There is Always Someone to Help

Fisher House Columbia will serve Veterans and families 365 days a year. As guests, they will receive the best care and comfort we can give while their loved one receives medical care at the William Jennings Bryan VA Medical Center.

You Are a Huge Part of the Process

Less than one percent of our nation are accustomed to experiencing the hardship and change of military families. Offering the Fisher House will help to decrease the stressors and provide a warm environment for all in need.

Our Veterans Need Your Support

Most veteran families can't afford hotel stays while their hero is receiving care. Fisher House Columbia will save families thousands of dollars in accommodation expenses. Your help can assist us in serving these families.